The Golden Loon Society

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The Golden Loon Society

Boys Trip/Lost Weekend

September 10-14, 2008

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am one lucky fella. I have been blessed with a group of friends who have kept in touch since high school and who conduct a serious party every two years or so. This year we were hosted at one of our group member's house on Lake Huron in the Les Cheneaux Islands located in Cedarville, Michigan. The agenda: golf, fishing, smoking cigars, maintenance of blood alcohol above 0.1% and telling lies.


Our host, Paul, was always, shall we say, an indifferent student. His nickname was Looney (as in Looney Toons) for self evident reasons. We acknowledge him as the spiritual founder of the Golden Loon Society, and have named the award plaque and the Society after him. The award goes to the member who contributes the most mirth and merriment to the group during the current chapter meeting. I won for introducing the group to single malt Scotch whisky. Others have won for gambling prowess or tour de force displays of internet adult entertainment. ;-)


This year's group included John C., me, John G., John E., Keith, Bill and Paul.


This year's highlights included a hole-in-one by Keith; a beautiful three hop-and-in fade on a 177 yd. par three.


The Northern pike fishing was brisk; I caught two within 20 minutes on our first evening out. Just under keeper size, but about 24 inches.


Then there were the cigars. I was in charge and brought 88 cigars, 8 each of 11 varieties: From top to bottom: RASS, Party shorts, Boli RC, Monte 2, Cohiba siglo 1, CoRo, PSD4, PLPC, Hoyo de Depute, HUSW (2003) and Cohiba siglo 4. It was great fun to see everyone's eyes light up and the cigars were really the icing on the cake. (Point of interest: I carried the cigars in the plastic container, on the lower right, in a backpack through airline security without incident)


Sitting around the campfire and smoking great cigars was absolute heaven. Everyone got into an ash contest and the HUSW was the acknowledged best of show.


Our host won the Golden Loon this year for actually buying this place 2 years ago with this very weekend in mind. Besides supplying 2 boats, fishing gear and extra golf clubs, he happens to be in the restaurant business and supplied all the food.

The memories of side splitting laughter, great food, drink and cigars will carry me through until the next time. Just thought I would share :-)



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