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Is Rodolfo a well known roller in the industry? I live about 3 hours from TJ and could get there and back in the same day but don't know if they have anything there that I couldn't get elsewhere without the risk of coming back across the border-not that I think bringing a bundle of smokes or a box would be too hard to do.


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I've only had a couple of his sticks and although good, it was not outstanding. I still have couple more that I'll smoke in a year or two. At $35+ per stick, I don't think I'll spend that again on his smokes. There were a few members of another board who bought his smokes in 2006 and the concensus is that this cigars are outstanding when fresh, but then needs considerable rest after.

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» I heard that he can custom roll any cigar you want,but he

» is overly expensive. well, you never know. .:lookaround:

Taboada's in their prime are great smokes... but $40 great? Especially when he's not seeing a dime of the price increase? I'll pass.

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Thanks for the great slideshow. It is a great reminder how much of an art it is to put a stogie together.

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