What\'s your favorite cigar wrapper type?

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For me it depends on the cigar, with some smokes the lighter color wrappers are the way to go and others you want to see darker wrappers in terms of flavor and blend. I have lighter and darker VR Famosos and the lighter color wrappers are simply much better. I have lighter and darker Siglo IV's and the darker wrappers are slightly better. Is this strictly due to the wrapper, probably not. It will however cause me to prefer one color wrapper shade on a particular cigar in the future unless I taste otherwise.

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Forgive me one-and-all for being almost totally ignorant about Non-Cubans. I am under the impression that Cameroon wrappers are so-called beacause they are grown in cameroon, am I right? Is there a particular 'Cameroon' seed used? Or just any type of wrapper grown in cameroon is called a Cameroon wrapper?

Also all Cameroon wrapped cigars I have seen seem to be a mid-coloarado colour. Surely if the name is simply becasue of the area it is grown in, then there could be maduro cameroon wrappers? Are there any? Have I got completely the wrong end of the stick?

For me it varies from cigar to cigar, but generally (or when trying a new cigar) I will go for a light to medium colorado.

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» Hey all,


» I was wondering what you guys prefer, as far as cigar wrapper types:

» Maduro, Natural, Cameroon, etc...

Cameroon? WTF! :-D

I like the golden colorado on the dark side, shiny:-D , that good Cohibas have; I like the maduro oily of Ramon Allones; I like the reddish brown that's sometimes found on SLRs. I like colorado and oily, but that's rare. Oily is generally darker.

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There is one wrappe which always brings me too my knees.

Red hue to a mid colorado shade. Few veins. The wrapper is thin. I was speaking to Hamlet about this wrapper and he knows it well. He loves working with it because it stetches like elastic leaving a visually flawless cigar. The flavour it imparts is slightly sweet and fruity.

Not a common wrapper to find but still seen occasionally on R&J short churchills, R&j Churchills, Partagas D4, some P2. They were a stallwart once upon a time of R&J Echibicion No 4 Cabs (haven't seen them on an Exhibicion No 4 in a long time.

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