Jose L Piedra Cremas (dont shoot the messenger)


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Okay... I know... I know... but there was just something urging me today after coffee to reach into the humidor and fire one up. I have a couple of 5 packs of these that I save to give to people on the golf course in the rare event I lose a bet and guarantee a cuban cigar.

Anyways here goes... Jose L Piedra Cremas... date unknown.

First Glance: Not too bad... at least the cap wasn't peeling off. The wrapper color is nice and there was even little traces of bloom when you looked really close.



Light up: The draw is on the loose side and the flavor is ass. Mashed ass... a bag of mashed ass with thankfully an overtone of cuban tobacco and slight espresso taste. The first inch was horrifying. After that the ass went away and for the next inch or so it was nice cuban tobacco mixed with coffee.

The ass returns: At this point the bad taste returned:


The smoke itself didn't have any harshness to it, but after 10-14 seconds there comes a taste on the back of your tongue like you were chewing on pecan shells! Rotten bitterness that wouldn't go away. It was there when I was swallowing coffee.


By now I wanted to quit... but I had to keep going in case the smooth taste returned.... that lasted all of about 5 minutes:


Final thoughts: Its certainly not the worst cigar I've ever had. Its probably the 3rd to worst cuban cigar I've ever had. That being said its still better than 80% of NCs that I've smoked. Once the bitter taste went away from my mouth I still have a nice aroma of cuban tobacco around me. I think I'll be keeping these for golf course bet fodder!

Score: 83/100

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