Partagas Salomone 2004(?)


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Some years ago -- I am guessing 2004 -- a vendor in the Middle East offered a special by whicha single Partagas Salomone was shipped as a bonus with an order of a certain magnitude. I was later given to understand that Phoenecia Trading Company had commissioned these from HSA as an exclusive. If true, that would make these one of the first "Regional Edicion" offerings of which I am aware. I can't recall the detailed history of Partagas Salomone offerings, but I understand that there was a "Wolters" special offering some years ago that would predate that Phoenicia batch. This sample was not a particular rarity.


Pre-light: The wrapper was in the middle of the color scale with some veins and some darkening at the foot. Excellent construction with no hard or soft spots. Wrapper and foot smeeled great. Cut the head on a 45 degree angle, which to me is the best cut for a pointy-headed cigar.


Draw was excellent. There was a bit of sweetness on the lips.

First 1/3:


Surprisingly potent on first impression for a huge cigar. A real thump through the nose. Some sour on myu palate and on the finish. Not subtle. Strange -- it went from very pleasant to mildly off-putting from one mouthful to the next. It might have been the pre-dinner margarita, but I got an early buzz. Wrapper at the foot seemed a bit thick and burned unevenly.


Evened out on its own. It burned down a little faster than I would have expected. Initial hints of unpleasantness were replaced by a soft, bready sweetness.

Second 1/3: The distant sweetness disappeared and a mild bitterness re-appeared. Burn was uneven and the wrapper looked much thicker on one side. See photos taken moments apart from different angles.



There was not much to note in the way of complexity or nuance. Very good cigar, if not elegant.

Final 1/3: Purging completely refreshed it.


Very nice. Purging a second time brought back the bready sweetness. I think the tapered head had a tendency to trap the sour gasses. Not peppery at all. Nice to the end.


Conclusion. A very fine, huge cigar. Four smokerings.

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A pre-dinner Margarita! :lol2:

I have no history on these so they are indeed a unique offering.

The blending of large format cigars must be a difficult art. You have scope for complexity but can be blindsided by a little too much volado resulting in periods of boredom.

This one appeared to keep you entertained which is all we ask in a cigar :ok:

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