Partagas Aristocrats SZE SEP 05


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Partagas Aristocrats SZE SEP 05


Sorry for the crappy light in the pictures. Just breaking in my tool/smoke-shack and hasn´t fixed any real light yet.

Pre-light aroma: Lemon and grass.

Pre-light taste: Nothing. Just air.

Draw after cutting: Perfect.

1/3 Starts up with wood and tobacco taste. Smooth but yet with a peppery sensation in the back of my mouth. It´s simple wood and tobacco. No complexity. Normal amount of smoke. Ash looks firm with no flakes.


2/3 Still smooth wood and tobacco taste. However: Feel like it´s getting stronger. A very pleasant taste of tobacco is racing through my mouth. A touch of salt appears and vanishes just as fast. Next guest taste is a small but noticable amount of leather. It´s buffing up. Starts to show some muscles. No *****-slapping. It just want a good clean fight.


3/3 Peppery leather with strong tobacco. Partagas heaven here I come!!

After a while it calmes down and delivers some floral taste. It´s done fighting and just wants to cuddle again. Plain, smooth tobacco with a hint of pepper. In short: It finishes were it started.


I love the Aristocrats. They are cheap, mostly well constructed and has so far delivered beyond expectations. It´s not an very complex smoke, but it always manage to surprise me.

The only negative thing is that the Czar doesn´t sell them... ;-)

Overall score: 89,5/100

The luxurious inside of The Shack... :-D


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