Partagas Serie du Connaissseur #2 GSO ABR 07


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Partagas Serie du Connaissseur #2 GSO ABR 07

Well someone besides Van smoked some Partagas' this month. Me!

Love this size, love this smoke. Combines some of the punch of the SdC#3 with the elegance and unfolding of the SdC#1. Very satisfying and I need to let the rest of these sit as they are getting better but so good now.

Tightly rolled, firm draw but effective. Prelight taste and smell of slightly pungent, pure tobacco with a bit of leather.

Quite a bit of smoke, even as I draw slowly. Starts with the Partagas curl, smooth though slightly spicy, and mild pepper intensifies as the smoke progresses. No sweetness to speak of. Dark coffee, light earth in the background. Mild-medium in the first 3rd. Slowly becomes stronger, with a savory toasty character and a spicy finish.

Second third has a roasted nut characteristic to it. Quite pleasant. Nicotine content quite high, apparently, as I am buzzing pretty well. Mostly dark coffee and spicy, ligero character.

Last third a bit strong and muddled. Tasty but slightly monstrous. Worked my way through it, still enjoyable, but very spicy and strong. Needs time, for sure, more than the other few I’ve smoked from this box. I’d give it an 87. Promise but much left to go, and not as good as the couple other’s I’ve sampled from this box. Quite young, of course.

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