Partagas Corona SUA DIC 01 (Cabinet)


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Medium brown, flawless wrapper. Funny looking cap, looked like the cigar was wearing a yarmulke. Photo to follow.



Just a bit soft with no hard spots or lumps. Prelight draw was perfect.

First 1/3:


Started off like a rocket. Powerful bite on the tongue and palate and through the nose. Definitely black pepper. But somehow there was a very satisfying underlying sweetness that lingered in the mouth after the smoke was expelled. A pepper sandwich on honey wheat bread! Simply delicious.

Second 1/3: The bite subsided and was replaced 100% by the gingerbread or honey wheat sweetness. I don't remember any of the previous examples from this cabinet as being as enjoyable. I will say that the discpline of smoking a cigar and making notes for purposes of posting a review makes me concentrate in a way that simply smoking and watching the TV does not.

Third 1/3:


Got to chatting with the wife on her return from a tennis match and lost my concentration. I enjoyed the final third until I had to remove the band to continue. At that point it grew harsh and bitter and I tossed it. Kind of like having a great first date with a horrible good night kiss.

Conclusion: But for the final off-putting drags I would have given this five smokerings easily. Icky last puffs dropped it to four smokerings. What a shame that this cigar has been discontinued along with many other coronas. I like the size better than petit coronas.

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Van, I swear that before the month is done, you'll have reviewed every Partagas vitola ever rolled. :-P Keep up the good work.

Along with the lonsdale, the Party corona is one of my favorite cigars. I have found the coronas from this time period to be even stronger than the Cervantes, and if anything, even more flavorful. A winner!

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