Partagas Serie D No 4 AGO 07


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My very first CC was a PSD4 I had on the way home from the golf course after winning a few from someone who makes stupid bets with pros. I almost had to pull the car over just so I could put all my concentration into smoking that cigar! Ever since then I hold the PSD4 in high regard and keep at least 2 boxes in my humidor.

This is my first review on FoH and I couldn't have picked a better cigar to start with! Started off this morning by sending the little woman off to work then out to the patio with a PSD4 and a cup of coffee.

First look: Beautiful stick with that flaming red band that just lets you know its going to be a party in your mouth. The wrapper is a few shades darker than the usual PSD4 I have in the humi. Nice and firm was a good weight.


Light up: After getting the foot all hot and bothered that first pull was just like the first pull back on my very first PSD4. Rich leather with a long creamy finish. There was a very slight saline/salt taste that. The first inch went by before I knew what was happening!


Half way: The creamy finish is always present but the flavor migrates over to more woody and that patent Partagas taste.

Last inch: Even near the end puffing on it with every breath it never gets hot and before I have to pull the pliers out I get a phone call and put her down in the ashtray to die.

Overall: Excellent. Those Partagas flavors and full body will knock your **** in the dirt if you aren't used to them. To me there won't be any other cigar like it. I don't smoke them often and by that I mean maybe 4-5 a year. Why? For me its like being able to step back in time and relive the first kiss you ever had with your first love. So to keep that as exciting and vivid as possible I keep them locked up!

Score: 93/100

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Thanks for the review. I am also a huge fan of this smoke and have 2 boxes from AUG 07 as well. IMO this cigar is deserving of the praise and for those that dont care for them Id be interested to hear what it is about them you dont like.

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