Partagas Serie du Connoisseur #2 GSO ABR 06


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Pre-light: Medium to light wrapper. Good cap and foot. Smelled great. No obvious flaws, thought it felt a tad soft in spots. Draw was perfect with warm, sweet tobacco hints.




First 1/3: First impression was that this was going to be a superb smoking experience. I was drinking a glass of Cline Cellars Ancient Vines Mourvedre -- a unique red wine.


The smoke was abundant with full flavors and a great nose tingle. White pepper and herbal (in a good way). Perfect draw. Solid, lightish gray ash. Good balance and complexity. Some tannic youthfulness at first, but it softened at 2 inches.

Second 1/3: Still quite nice but it hit a lull of sorts in oomph through the nose. Still peppery with tons of smoke that coated the inside of my mouth. At halfway the pepper and spice kicked back in. I neglected it for 4 minutes and it put itself out. Relit and it was still good.


Final 1/3. Solid, Very pleasant. Not much variabilty from one mouthful to the next. Slightly harsh edge that age will eliminate.

Conclusion: Started with greater promise than the end delivered. It was a strong, enjoyable, albeit mostly one-dimensional cigar. Three smokerings with a promise of four in a year's time. I liked it!


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Thanks for the review, Van. I've never had a bad Serie du Conn, though naturally some are better than others.

For some reason, I prefer the No. 1 and No. 3 to the No. 2. IME, the No. 1 has the length to develop nicely; it takes you on a journey (as Rob would say). The No. 3 is spicier, in your face, and really seems to satisfy a certain craving. I've always assumed that the blend in the three is pretty much identical, but who knows? Maybe Rob.

With respect to vintages, I have sampled from my '06 boxes, and while they are spicy and peppery, they're gonna need some time to shine. I'm smoking mainly from '03 boxes, which are pretty good now. I also have some '98s which have evolved into a different smoke altogether. A smooth, integrated profile with sweet cocoa notes. But still leaves some pepper on the lips.

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