Liquid Smoke, Murfreesboro TN


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Never noticed this area of the board before so here is a shameless plug for my spot!

Liquid Smoke is a Smoke Shop and Lounge. we have a walk in humidor with a great selection of cigars(no Habanos of course but you're welcome to bring your own and 1 for me;-) ) and a great selection of Import and Craft Beers(over 200). Mostly bottles but we do have 4 taps with rotating variety of draft beer.

Tell me your a member of FOH and I'll buy you a beer, just ask for Mike.

Murfreesboro is about 30 miles southeast of Nashville on I24

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» Tell me your a member of FOH and I'll buy you a beer, just ask for

» Mike.


» Great work Mike :clap:


» Tell me, what are your top 10 selling cgars?

Last Quarter

Perdomo Habano - extremely hot since release last summer($5-$7)

Rocky Patel The Edge - one customer buys at least 1 box of 100 every month

Perdomo La Tradicion - 4 wrappers(Conn, Mad, Sun Grown Cameroon) added together

Perdomo Fresco - Long filler bundle

Bird Dog - Dominican made flavored cigar locally owned TN company

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

Tatuaje - Cabinet, Cabiguan & Havana VI


CAO Gold & Gold Maduro


La Flor Dominicana & Padron selling pretty well also

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» Mike,

» I will be over in a few weeks. I am having surgery tomorrow morning to

» repair a ruptured achilles tendon. When I get back up and moving around,

» I'll be over. How far from 840 is your shop?

» Bill

Good luck with the Achilles Bill, we should be less than 10 miles from 840.

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  • 3 months later...
My wife went to undergrad in Nashville. We come into town for reunions & such.

I promise to look you up & have a smoke with you. I also am a big fan of micros.

Very cool

I'm there most of the time but not ALL the time

Next time you're gonna be around give me a little notice and I'll be sure to hang out and have a smoke with ya.

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