Heads up to those members doing it tough.

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Just a heads up to those members doing it tough right now. I know we have a ton of members in US equities markets (many work/worked for Lehmans/Merrill) plus many in the mortgage/Real estate industry plus many again in the Motor Vehicle Industry. Each of these industries have a myriad of spinoffs. Similarly the carnage is not restricted to the US.

Then there are those caught up in mother natures turmoil of the past month.

Hang tough fella's. As a group our thoughts are with you and your families. We can't do much but if you feel the need to have a vent (non political ;-) )then we are here to listen. Older heads will no doubt say we have seen it all before. We have but it doesn't lessen the pain nor uncertainty. Still the clouds have always cleared before and I pray that they clear as quick as possible and that you and your families move onto greater successes in the not too distant future. If we can help in some way, let us know.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger :ok:

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well said Rob. I have only been in the "real world" for 3 years but as a recruiter i have seen so many great people on their ass caught in collateral damage. Today I received a lot of phone calls and none were positive, its tough out there. Living and working in NYC focused within the financial markets has exposed me to a lot recently and I am trying to learn and grow from it rather than accept "I cant control what happens around me". Best of luck to all of you out there feeling the crunch.

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Thanks for the sympathy, mate. A lot of us who are either in business or heavy in investments are hunkering down and hoping for the best, but honestly... we may be in for hard times.

If worst comes to worst, maybe we'll relocate to Brisbane. Looks like nice weather there. And plenty of nuts to keep us busy.

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You folks deep in the lion's den are in my thoughts.

As a small advisory-only firm, with well diversified, quite conservative portfolios, I'm fairly confident we'll weather the storm, but it's all very nervewracking.

Guys I know who were in the business from the late 60's on have told me they've never seen anything like this...

Hang in there, and smoke something good...I'm thinking PSD4 for lunch today.

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