Vegas Robaina 5 Aniversario


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Had the chance to try the Dalia size, the Robusto and the Gordito.

Quite similar aromas but different strenght.

The Robusto being more 'powerful' than the other two.

For sure, nothing to do with the 'regular' VR!

Still have the Pyramide and the DC waiting for the perfect occasion ;)!

Beautiful cigars, thanks ;-) !

Guib:-) u

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This Clasicos (lonsdale 42x165) from the VR 5 Aniversario humidor is a finely balanced cigar with complexity...image8041.jpg

Initial 2/3 exerts flavour of woodiness, sweetness, green tea with a sea salt undertone. Fine assortment well fused together with a constant toasted tobacco taste and nose...image8043.jpg

Beautiful draw with white ash. Last 1/3, slight dash of peppery dashed in...image8044.jpg

Demonstrated a great aging potential with continued changes...3/5 strength.

Definitely blended for a Cuban 'Old School' connoisseur ! :-P


This special limited humidor of 500 units was released in 2002.image8046.jpg

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