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  1. Never had a Monte Open. Researching now! I The Connie A was a great recommendation. Thank you all for the great responses!
  2. Great feedback. Thank you. Great idea also for the buzz. I always play with others so I'll keep that in my back pocket
  3. Riding always. It's hot right now. So hot. Mild to medium is good. I can't imagine trying to keep that cigar going in the heat and humidity I'm in.
  4. What are your thoughts? I'd prefer corona or corona extra. Does anyone golf and smoke a cigar here?
  5. Never seen or heard of these, but what a nice humidor! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Another vote for Boli CE's. Great smoke.
  7. Nice to put some faces with names. Thanks for the pics and great read. Looks like a great time was had.
  8. It will be chaos, but we know you can handle it. I know it doesn't help, but I sent you three e-mails for orders. sorry.
  9. I've been waiting to get my hands on these for awhile. Great review.
  10. I just played tanglewood today! I live in advance. Next door to you. Welcome aboard!
  11. I always put a box of these in my shopping cart, but for some reason take them out before checking out. I don't know what my problem is.
  12. stunning! Another question. Would you do the same thing all over again, or order one already done? Great work!

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