Punch Corona 1998

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Punch Corona 1998

What a beautiful day with lots of sun and a gorgeous blue sky. There was a fairly decent breeze blowing that actually kept it a bit on the cooler side, but 65F isn’t so bad. :D Temp on the porch reading a steady 70F though.


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to pick up a fiver of 1998 Punch Coronas on another board, and today I decided I’d put fire to one. I went to dig it out the wine-a-dor and oops! Just happened to accidentally spill a small bowl of beads that I forgot was sitting on one of the boxes on top shelf. Needless to say it took me a while to empty the wine-a-dor and clean all those little suckers up. Wife was standing behind me arms folded tapping her foot and I heard myself say, “Well I didn’t MEAN to do it.” She huffed and went to go make sure the baby wasn’t planning on making a sudden appearance and decide to eat the beads (again, but that’s another story).

After finally getting the mess up and all the boxes neatly stacked back in the wine-a-dor, I grabbed the smoke, camera, and The Ultimate Cigar Book (received froma BOTL on another board) and headed outside.


The cigar was a slight pale brown and very little oil to the wrapper. This thing looked like it had some age on it, which of course it did. Decent construction with slight veins and the cap wasn’t perfect but did have the triple layer in one spot.




I punched the head with the largest sized ring very carefully (usually use the medium ring) and slowly the procedure was done.



Pre-light draw was of well-aged mature tobacco with a hint of sweetness. It was a bit on the tight side, but certainly not plugged. I toasted the foot and the smoke drifted to my nose with a delicious smell of wood (cedar) and spice. I could already tell this was going to be a good smoke.


I put fire to the foot and first draw was full of wood, leather, and delicious smooth, raw, aged tobacco. Just a smidgen of peppery spice was barely noticeable as I exhaled through my mouth and nose. A dark gray ash formed quickly as I took several draws in a row. I just couldn’t seem stop! A bit of earthiness was in there somewhere. Something I should describe as a sharp taste. The draw was absolutely spot on with not too much and not too little smoke flowing through.



A little ways in the wrapper had a small crack pop up informing me the cigar was slightly on the damp side towards the foot, but that was the only spot during the smoke.



I was completely enjoying an incredible smoke, great read, and gorgeous day!



So was Mandy. Ah, it’s a dog’s life!


Aaaaaand so was this little critter! :laugh:


Almost at the halfway point, the cigar really picked up in body and the spice picked up a bit, however still very smooth. Lots of wood and leather with a twinge of sweet earth. That raw, mature tobacco taste lingered afterwards and was quite good. I was thoroughly enjoying this cigar!




There was definitely no doubt of nubbing this baby. Towards the end the sweetness picked up quite a bit and the smoke had creaminess to it. Ah but all good things must come to an end. It’s a shame I only have a few left of these to enjoy!


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Nicely done, Greg. You really make the entire experience come alive . . . great review. :clap:

And I'll tell you . . . using that Swiss Army cigar punch is a real art--I've learned the hard way that an off-center punch leads directly to an uneven burn.

I've started marking the center with the knife blade, which I can then "sight" thru the hole of the punch.

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» Punch Corona 1998


Awesome review, i love punch!

alas a 10 year old punch isnt gonna happen for me for a while as i just cant seem to let them sit!

oh well, i guess that juust makes a good excuse to go buy more right? :D


Edit: love the pic of the dog, I have a jack russell aswell, fat little thing he is haha

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