Partagas Serie D. No. 3 EL 2006

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I recently picked up a May 06 box. It sounds like I may wait until early 09 to try the first one. Thanks for the review.

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Serie D. No. 3 EL 2006


I know I've mentioned it before, but these are some of the best looking boxes of cigars in my humi. The wrappers on all examples are smooth, dark and silky to the touch. I've only had one or two examples so far, and after two years decided it was time for another attempt.

Forgive the blur, I couldn't seem to locate my macro setting for this pic! (You can see my official note taking lying in the background.)


Nicely constructed, that beautiful dark EL wrapper just calls to me. Nicely done triple cap. Cigar is very firm throughout it's length.

Unlit it smelled of cinnamon and clove spice, very pleasant. Clipped the cap and tested the draw, a little tight but nothing to worry about.

Gently roasted the foot, and let it burn for a second or two before the first draw. Predominantly earth, not dry dirt but a rich, loamy potting soil, and an underlying cinnamon flavor.


The song remains the same throughout the first third of the cigar, then a slight clove spice appears, and a tiny hint of hot pepper in the nose. So far, the flavors are all somewhat low key... I'm reaching to isolate them. Definately not as "in your face" as a typical young Partagas.


Not a chimney by any stretch, the draw is fine but not a heavy smoke producer. At this point an oiled leather taste begins to vie with the core of earthy dankness. (No idea if that's a word, but it seems to fit!).

The hot pepper in the nose is a little stronger.


The end of the cigar, finds what little spice there was gone... leaving leather and pure tobacco right to the nub.

Despite the muted delivery, still an enjoyable cigar that seems to scream potential. Maybe dryboxing for a day or two would help open it up but, but bottom line is... they need more nap time. I'll give them another shot at Thanksgiving. I really have high hopes for these.

Right now if I had to rank it, I'd say 86/100... once they get a little more forward with thier delivery that could easily hit the 90's.

Thanks for reading!

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