H. Upmann Magnum 50 EL 2005

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H. Upmann Magnum 50 EL 2005

Length: 6 1/2”

Ring gauge: 50

Size: Double Robusto

I finally made myself sit down and smoke this cigar after looking at it in my humidor for months on end. It had a beautiful dark wrapper and great band presentation with red, white, and gold colors contrasting against the dark brown wrapper. The ash was dark grey and cracked and maintained decent strength throughout the smoke. The draw was pretty tight at first and the smoke was light, but with a little bit of gentle pressure and some time the cigar began to open up around the second third. This cigar had a nice light bodied profile about it that was extremely smooth. It had a nice earthy core with incredible chocolate undertones. These flavors persisted through the entire smoke and were very consistent. The burn was relatively even through most of the cigar, but the edges had to be relit a couple of times. The cigar finished smooth and flavorful without any harshness, which allowed me to smoke it to the very end. I can’t wait for these to become a regular production cigar so that I can keep them in stock on a regular basis.

Appearance- 10/10

Ash- 9/10

Draw- 8/10

Burn- 8/10

Flavor/Blend- 28/30

Uniqueness- 9/10

Smoke- 9/10

Finish- 10/10

Total 91/100

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I bought a box when they fist came out gave about 10 away and smoked the rest in about 4 months.

My biggest mistake was not gifting the 10 away but was me smoking the rest to early.

Nice review man i should have aged mine well at least they will be regular production as you stated.:-)

Glad they are smoking great..

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Thanks, Benzo, for reminding me that I have a box of these.

I smoked one in early 2006 to take it's measure, and wasn't impressed. I guess I was expecting something that tasted like an Upmann. This one sure didn't. It tasted like a generic EL. So I buried 'em, and haven't revisited since. Maybe I'll try one when they hit year three.

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