Taboada \"Super Rodolfo\"

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Taboada “Super Rodolfo”

Enjoyed with Zaya 12 y/o Rum from Guatemala. This dark aged rum is by far one of the best sipping rums on the planet. Always pairs well with a Cuban cigar. There is a store here that sells this for $33 a bottle. Most everywhere else I look it is $40-$50, so I buy a few at a time. The bottle itself is worthy of the price tag with its grass wrapped neck and elegant shape.

Super dark wrapper. Very sweet smell at cold. The “Super Rodolfo” is a beautiful cigar. It is a bit light in the hand, but it doesn’t appear that it will be a problem. It is also “uncircumcised”.:lookaround:



Clipped her and the draw was surprisingly tight, but I figured it would open up once lit. Chocolate and spice on the prelight.

1st third: Very earthy and savory. Sweet and dense tobacco is the main attraction. Almost like a chocolate covered almond. There allspice through the nose and a little bit of ginger. The draw is starting to tighten and less smoke is evident.


2nd third: I clipped the cigar a bit more to improve the draw and what a difference. Tons more smoke and a much fuller body revealed. Toasted almonds covered with chocolate - very dense chewy tobacco…I love cigars when they are a meal. More ginger and pepper through the nose.


Last third: Charred wood, leather and rich cocoa. Man this cigar has evolved into something very special. The strength, body and array of flavors astounds me.


I nubbed it.


I rate this custom beauty a 95/100

One note: This is a true testament to someone that not only knows how to roll a cigar, but blend it well also. The Taboada Super Rodolfo was very well made and the balance of flavors from chocolate, ginger, almonds and more was truly amazing.

Again…and I’m getting tired of typing this….THANK YOU Mel. Another great cigar from our trade. Next up is the Toboada Double Corona with Extra Ligero.:surprised:

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Back when he rolled at La Corona I used to buy bundles of his smokes. They were very strong and spicy. I havent tasted any of his recent smokes from the Tijuana LCDH. The prices are very high but his smokes are nice.

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