Cohiba Piramide EL \'06 ROA OCT 06

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After reading how great these are, I decided to fire my first one up today. Let me start off by saying that the one I smoked was not particularly attractive. It was a little rough looking with some veins in it. I took the ugliest one from the box and gave in to the temptation to smoke it. Very dark wrapper on this beauty with a good feel throughout, no hard or soft spots. After clipping the cigar, I took a dry puff and found the draw to be spot on. Some notes of coffee on a the pre-light puff.


On lighting it, disaster struck! I ran out of butane with only half the cigar lit. So I had to run in and get some matches and unfortunately the burn got off on me. Took me several touch-ups throughout the cigar to get it even. Anyways, inital flavors were the signature Cohiba "grassiness"(I think Rob describes this as lemon grass) mixed with a little sweet spice. Nothing too amazing so far, just a good smoke. About ten minutes in, it changed over to more spice mixed with coffee and leather notes. Getting very interesting. The smoke throughout is plentiful and thick. About and inch and a half in, and this cigar is just amazing.


Rich toffee notes are becoming pronounced and the "grassiness" is also making a comeback. If this is what the new Cohiba 5 will taste like, they will be fantastic. The smoke is so thick it is almost chewy. This thickness invokes a very mellow feeling as you take each and every puff. About the 3 inch mark there are more earthy notes becoming present, but not to the point of outdoing the richness and spice of the cigar.


As I enter the last third of the Cohiba, the spice and "grassiness" fades away and I am left with strong notes of leather and rich tobacco. Still wonderful amounts of smoke and finally an even burn. After feeling like this cigar wasn't that powerful, I stand up and feel a little buzz kicking in. I guess it was after all. With about an inch left there is some acrid puffs that I attribute to its youth. Still, its not bad enough for me to lay it down. Finally with about half an inch left, I let it die in peace.


Overall: An absolutely wonderful cigar, one of the top five I have ever smoked. Solid 93-94 in my highly subjective rating scale. I would have never expected such complexity from a cigar that is barely six months old. The balance of this cigar was also something I wasn't expecting. Never was it overpowering or did it have a dull moment other than the inital half an inch. I've thought about buying another box, but these are VERY pricey. I think I will try to have one a year, and no more. If anyone is on the fence about buying these (I was for several months), you will not be disappointed.

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Thanks for the review. I basically have forgotten about the box I have, and will

leave them alone for a few years (I hope).

I admit, though, that recently when going through the humidor looking for something

else, I popped the box open for a sniff - still one of the foulest stenches I can

recall from a box of cigars - and I mean that in the best possible way!

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» Mike do you work for Rob? LOL. I think I might have to talk to my friend

» VISA about getting a box:-D

Man that would be a great job :-D.

But alas, Rob has yet to contract my services as a reviewer. I would happily volunteer to be the official Midwest czar rep should the opportunity ever present itself ;-).

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Excellent review Mike of a cigar I know will become a classic. Potentially the best cigar produced since 2000 in my humble opinion.

If the Embargo ever lifts....I will open a US office me ;-)

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top review.

i broke the visa in half and got a couple of boxes from rob as i had tried one and thought it spectacular - to tapewormboy, both from the same box? very surprised and wondering if you got the dud box rob meant for me - and just picked up another couple of boxes in havana. worth the trip. i think i'll go through one box over the next 12 months and hopefully hands off the others for the best part of a decade.

anyone who has not got these, it is worth dinting the credit card as they are seriously good (and i don't work for rob either, even if he thinks i do).

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