Anticipation is killing me!

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Well, after reading several reviews I've decided to dive right in and make my first purchase.

How's this for a first go?

Montecristo #2

Cohiba Siglo VI

La Gloria Cubana Tainos

San Cristobal De La Habana La Fuerza

Partagas Shorts

I got my shipping confirmation and the anticipation is driving me nuts.

I think I'm going to need another humidor.:-D


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» Congrats. The anticipation will be even worse when the cigars and sitting

» in your humidor staring at you every time you open it. But it will be

» better to let them settle in the humi for a while before smoking.

Yea I've thought about that. How long should I let them rest before I indulge.

Not sure how strong my willpower is going to be once I lay my eyes on them beauties.:-D


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Rule of thumb is 30 days. I have been known to break that rule and have smoked some very great cigars fresh off the truck. If you go this route, I would smoke one a month after sitting as well to learn what changes happen with a cigar when given a little time to settle. IMO it does make a difference.

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I agree with BigSlick, wait at least 30 days. Just hide them in the bottom of the humidor under some other boxes you enjoy. That way you will never see them. A month will go by before you know it. Smoke a few from the box, maybe let them age a while after that, buy another box or two or a sampler so you can let those age while you try others.

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Ziggy, I'm in the same boat as you. Nice sampler indeed! I just got my tracking digits too. My first order consisted of:

Boli PC's (box)

Cohiba Siglo II (5'er)

Trini Reyes (5'er)

Party Short (5'er)

Monte #4 (5'er)

JL Seleccion #1 (5'er)

I plan on tackling the delivery man when he pulls up!!!!

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