Bolivar Coronas Gigantes


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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes



drink-Newcastle, what else? ;)


FYI, i didnt feel like doing standard review, i decided to walk through the smoke as it goes and not really do a numbered rating.

This thing is a great looking cigar. No soft spots, nicely balanced stick. Looks nicely filled/bunched when i look at the foot. The wrapper has a nice even tone to it, Nice and smooth with a dull brown color, not too oily, but not dry.

close up of wrapper


nice smooth cut with my palio, but i cut just a tad uneven, but it wont be a problem. predraw-cold earthy flavor, perfect draw to it, just the right amount of resistance. Took the flame nicely from my torch, got the foot good and lit before i took my first few puffs.

Toasting the foot


wow, first few puffs are powerful! This thing isnt holding anything back! Starts off with that classic boli earthiness that you dont get with any other brand of Cubans. There is a nice toasted tobacco taste as well, which i also get with most bolis.


About an inch in now, still havent ashed this thing. Nice salt and pepper ash, but just a tad of an uneven burn, probably due to the fact that i didnt let this thing rest for a long time. At this point, im still getting the earthiness as an undertone, but there is a leathery taste coming through now as the dominant recognizable flavor.

This thing is calming down a bit now, just over an inch in and dropped the ash. This is a great smoke. Definitely worth the time it takes to smoke this ******. Loads of thick smoke that really coats the mouth with flavorful plumes of smoke. The burn is evening out, and is staying consistent as far as flavors go, which is fine since they are really damn good. The ash is a little on the flakey side, but its not a big deal.

The Newcastle works very well with bolivars IMO. The nuttyness of the beer really works with the boli flavor profile.


A few inches into this big cigar now, and there is a subtle sweetness coming through now. This thing has a great aroma to it as well, which is always a plus, haha.

im just about finished with this thing, and it was a great cigar.The taste was fairly consistent, never boring. I would consider it medium to full bodied, but more on the medium side.

I have smoked this before, but it was a great smoke to revisit. If your a fan of Churchills, i definitely recommend this smoke!

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