La Escepcion Longos


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Well I sure was a lucky bastard yesterday. I dropped into my local tobacconist to smoke a Le Hoyo de Dieux, and one of my buddies was there with a gift for me. He managed to score a box of 1985 La Escepcion Longos (I believe that mark was discontinued around 1985/86 and the whole line in 1988/89). What an absolute TREAT!!!!

Flavor: Started off mild to medium with hints of tea leaves, cocoa, and another flavor that I just could not place, except that it was old. About 1/2 inch in, and the cigar exploded into a full bodied smoke, with flavors of cocoa and cheese (I have no other word to describe it, but maybe it is a taste that is particular to old cigars ??). It was very rich, with the smoke being thick and chewy. The finish was incredibly long and just lingered on the tongue. This rivals the Davidoff Dom Perignon and Bolivar Gold Medal. It is AMAZING what a thin cigar can produce flavor-wise 75/75

Draw: Fantastic draw 19/20

Construction: Very good 1/2

Burn: Perfect burn 3/3

Notes: With a 33 ring gauge, this cigar needed to be smoked slowly so it wouldn't overheat.

Total: 98/100

For me, this ranked up there as one of the top 5 cigars I have ever smoked!! Thanks to Servebig for the opportunity to smoke a rare and wonderful cigar. I have pictures below but they didn't turn out too well since we only had a camera phone to snap the shots.




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» jesus...i need to take off some weight. i missed this when you first

» posted it mario...i guess you liked them enuff to buy a box hmmmm??? :-P

Like you don't already have 2 boxes Barney? :-) Damned greedy bastard :-D

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