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  1. I run a small hedge fund. We are actually up double digits this year! It's good to be short
  2. » Hi to everyone! I have been smoking cigars for about 25 years from all » parts of the world, although I favor those from the Pinar del Rio region. » I generally smoke 3-4 cigars a day switching to the pipe in the cold winter » months. Looking forward to some interesting discussions. » » Adrian Hi Adrian, Greetings from all the way up in Marin county. Come to Telfords and have a cigar or 3 with us. Barney
  3. » Looking to purchase a cab for my birthday. What are your thoughts on what » cabs have the best aging (5-10 years) potential? I am thinking of either » some RASS or Regios? I already have the PLPC's cab. » » -Patrick I have recently purchased a trio of cabs and would put them in this order: 1) Hoyo de Dieux '03...mindblowing. 2) Punch SS 1 ''07 3) RASS '08...nowhere near ready, but alot of potential. My favorite of the batch were the Hoyos and also some Partagas SdC #2s from '07. Too bad these aren't made in cabs of 50!
  4. I have a buddy who brought 2 boxes back from the festival. It's got that nice black lacquered box that HSA puts overpriced Monte 4s in
  5. Hi Ron! OK, I'm in too. I might have an extra bed in my room if anyone needs it (then again I might stay at Ron's house). Staying at the Rio. See you guys there!!! Oh and Prez...that group with Dag and David T are coming in later that week for RTDA. » » Wed the 16th at 2pm. Parasol Bar in Wynn Casino » » » » Join us for a casual drink, cigar and a laugh. No food permitted where » » smoking occurs so eat before hand and for those hanging around until » early » » evening we may head out for a feed.....if we can find a place to take » such » » an motley and well liquored crew » » » » Please, all those wishing to attend post here. I am looking forward to » » catching up with you. » » » » Thanks to Don Candido for arranging this » » » I am there! » -ron
  6. Lots of references to these lately, but I'm not sure how to get one. Any help greatly appreciated...
  7. Prez, Just heard from a friend who tells me that Dag and David Tang will be in town at the same time. Did you hear that? I guess Dag is trying to blow it out big time before he ties the knot. ;-)
  8. Check out my story for European » Cigar Cult Journal on South Africa at Wow what a great site! First of all getting ECCJ here in the states is harder than getting havanas, so it was nice to be able to pull it up online. Does that page change with each issue? I have been wanting to go to South Africa for such a long time now, but have never made it. My family has alot of history there...especially in Kimberly. One day....sigh. I wish it was easier to get to :-|
  9. Next time skip the 1 hour of sleep and get yourself a nice Fijiian hooker. Keep the receipt and include as reimbursable to airline.
  10. Pretty soon we'll start seeing Regional Edicions from the North Pole... It will be called the Rudolphio and have a picture of Santa on it.
  11. » » Thought I'd broaden my horizons by joining up. Been hanging around CP » » mainly, and I notice a few familiar names here. Smoking for a few » years, » » and picking up lots of good information from you well-informed people. » » » » George » » Welcome to the site George...and what part of Northern Cal. are you in? I » am headed to Larkspur, just north of San Fran. in Jan. for three months of » work. » » eyetek Most excellent eyetek. I'm in Marin also...a few others out there too. Send me a PM and we can hook something up over at Telfords. WELCOME GEORGE!!! Cheers, Barney
  12. » » Were they from 1001? » » Yep... i thought you meant 1000 years....i never age mine that long;-)
  13. I last smoked one of these outside at the last CigarPass herf in vegas. Bad decision....because of the desert air the wrapper literally disinegrated as I smoked it. I tried my best, but just couldn't smoke it past the halfway point :-( So the next best thing was reading your review!

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