punch super selection No 2

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I guess that the real measure of preferences is simply what smoke one regularly turns to. For me, this is it, though sadly, as discontinued, that will not last. I have my spies in Cuba keeping an eye out but i am not hopeful (and now regretting foolishly splitting my last cab with a mate). Over the last six weeks or so, have been away and tied up and no chance to do regular reviews or even keep track at my end. I did have some scribbled notes about how much i was enjoying these and the huge scores i was tossing about at the time, but can’t locate them. They have been such a reliable and thoroughly enjoyable smoke (and on this occasion, i will give Rob his due, he did put me on to them). Proof of the pudding - while i smoked one or two of a range of others over the last few weeks, have knocked off nine of these, tho a couple may have been given to mates. Bring them back!!

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I love these, too. They are so strong and tannic, they need a decade or two to really show at their best. All my favorite '02s are gone, so I am working on my '01 cabs. I alternate these with Punch RS11s, which are also flavorful, but mature earlier. Love those Punch Coronas Gorda!

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» Ken, can I have your empty box when you greedily finish off the last one?

split the last cab with a mate, dumb thing to do - he would have been happy with his usual wintermans - and he may have it or it could be in deep storage for loosies. will have to check when back.

this might sound odd but why would you want an empty box or am i missing something?

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