trinidad robusto extra

Ken Gargett

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Had not looked at these for 18 months and the post i did back then (i checked because i couldn’t believe that i ever liked them) was so positive that i am wondering what the hell is going on. This was even more disappointing than the Cuaba Salomones when balanced against expectations. I found it hot, bitter, burnt like the proverbial wind tunnel and even that was uneven. Very very ordinary. This was especially disappointing as the early examples had been so promising - i am hoping that it is just in some sort of dip but if so, it is a bloody big dip. Hard to see it ever coming out. Have one left in the humidor so might give it a go. Perhaps just a dodgy one-off. 78.

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Ken, I have smoked about a half a dozen or so and they have flat been hit or miss, batting around .500, so all I can say is that maybe, with a whole lot of time, in some distant future, they will come around. Hell, I really do think they are going to need at least 5-7 years to be smokable!

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