ramon allones gigantes

Ken Gargett

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First one of these i had tried for a while and it was not quite as powerful as i had in mind. That said, it did accord with rpevious notes, when i later checked. Did offer an attractive level of richness, complexity and length. Was creamy and with sweet/spice notes, some minor woody notes. Not overly powerful but very attractive. I do think that if you like the DC size, and i do, that this is a must have for your humidor. I really like these. There was also a long slow consistent burn but it did need some attention towards the finish. Not, for me, up with the top DC’s such as the SLR DC and Partagas Lusi, but very close. 91.

i should also state that this was one i enjoyed with rob and forgot to ask vintage. as a guess, a few years.

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Thanks, Ken. I really like these DC's, but then I like the Ramon Allones flavor profile a lot. As with many other cigars, these have suffered from inconsistency over the past few years, not only in strength but in flavor, as well. I have a JUN05 box resting, from which I have tried a couple samples. Medium bodied, but very good flavor. I agree, not quite in the class of an SLR DC. But then, very few cigars are...

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