A Desert Serenade

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After midnight, when the world around me fell silent, I slipped out onto the deck to enjoy the clear, pure light of a full moon over the desert valley below.

It was ever so slightly cool, but the air was still. High cirrus clouds drifted above, playing hide and go seek with the man in the moon. The scent of sage drifted up in the cool, damp air, while moonshadows swept across the valley like ghosts. The occasional shooting star punctuated the sky like a neon exclamation mark.

My chosen instrument for this evening was a 2003 Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 1. For accompaniment, I selected Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain", and an appropriate beverage.

As if there wasn't enough mystery, I heard a distant coyote's plaintive cry harmonize with Miles' soulful, melancholic horn. Neither Miles nor the coyote needed vibrato to speak their peace.

Suffice it to say that the Partagas Connaisseur is one of the most elegant, well-constructed, complex and delicious cigars ever crafted by the hand of man.

An hour and a half of timeless reverie.

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That really sounds fantastic!

I will my best to follow your example this evening, sans desert. We do have coyotes around though.

I haven't tried the No.1 and No.2 yet, but really want to. I do have some of the 3's left from a box Rob made me buy (bless you Rob!).

Fabulous stuff!

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