hello from Dallas


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hi there ...

i stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago , and must say - i am amazed ! fantastic !

i started smoking habanos while flying in the USAF during Desert Storm - i'm a pilot and was flying out of Riyad , Saudi Arabia.... they were a "dime a dozen" and very affordable ...... little did i know how much the addiction would end up costing me as the years went by !

so , here i am now , 15 years later , flying for an airline out of Dallas , still smoking cubans - and only cubans ... spoiled , i suppose.

i have a 2 year old son , a wife and a big cigar collection !

if anyone is in dallas , let me know and we'll burn a few ....

nice to meet you all , and i love the website !


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Welcome to FOH.

A large collection means that you can smoke a lot, but it also needs to be fed a lot, thus you have come to the right place. Rob and Lisa can take very good care of your CC's and feed your collection a lot! LOL Enjoy, read, learn, actively participate and most of all enjoy!


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