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Saint Louis Rey Double Corona 04

Didn’t check box code. It said 04 on the bottom of the box.

I’ve taken nearly a week to get around to scribbling something coherent down about this cigar. It’s taken me that long to come down from cloud nine. But with that comes a touch of melancholy knowing that perhaps I’ll never get another chance to sample this magnificent cigar again. It was gifted to me as a surprise so I was too busy enjoying it to take notes so I can only go from memory and how it made me feel. But here goes. As soon as I saw it I couldn’t believe it. My eyes lit up like Christmas baubles. This was the cigar they’ve spoken of in the forum. The enigma right there in front of me. I could tell just by sight that it was a class above anything else I’d tried. The wrapper was a light tan greyish colour with a slight vein and a kind of a matt finish. It looked big, smooth and spongy. The smell cold was very powerful and thick in the air. Very distinctive but somehow familiar. Coffee grounds, fresh baked bread and leather. From the first puff the flavour and aroma was all encompassing. The coffee and leather were there, very smooth and creamy but more like rich gourmet vanilla ice-cream creaminess with an underlying quality of swiss milk chocolate and a hint of oily cashews on the back of the tongue. In the middle third some spiciness and woody characteristics came through. I only had a corona beer with this cigar which didn’t do it justice and tended to wash away some of the flavours. So I ditched the beer. Maybe a brandy or a smooth oaky scotch would go well with it or I can’t help but think that maybe per one of the Prez’s threads a fine champagne. Anyway in the final third the flavours intensified and compared to the start it got a bit hotter. But it’s a cigar for god’s sake! I reckon the back third could do with a couple more years to round it out a perfectly. But to be honest I made the mistake of rushing through the first third because I just couldn’t help myself. Young bull, old bull stuff. And it started to knock me about a bit towards the end. I just left half an inch smouldering away in the ashtray as I sat there with a stupid satisfied grin on my face. The burn was straight and true and it only went out twice towards the end due to my earlier over-enthusiasms. The draw was just right I thought. Just tight enough so I had to work a little to maximize flavour but tight enough not to think about it. I know I waffled on a bit but this cigar is worth it. I’m not going to give it a score because it would leave me with nowhere else to go. All I’ll say is if you get a chance to try this cigar, don’t hesitate. It’s clearly the best I’ve had the pleasure to share some time with.

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» A cigar that is on my buy list.


» Nice review.

Well done report. I have been known to gift this cigar when I want to give the very best. I have a cab of the 05 which are nice but are infants. I have some older 02 models that I got from the Prez years ago and have kicked myself that I did not get all that he had. When I wrote to him asking about the one I did not buy he said that the gave them to some relatives. I bitched him hard for that. Hell none of my relatives deserve such a smoke.

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Love this cigar. I have them from 02, 04 & 05. Haven't smoked any 05s yet, but personally would give a slight edge to the 04 over 02. Some 02s have had tight draws, while so far the 04s have been perfect.

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Bassman wrote: Love this cigar. I have them from 02, 04 & 05. Haven't smoked any 05s yet...

Well, Steve, I have. And they are the schiznitz, bro'. With time, I'll put 'em up against the '01s, which are the best of the best.

One of the very best DC's, and always a treat. ;-)

Very nice review, BTW. :-)

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Guest cohiba

Well i got some singles from Prez, assuming 05-06? I was letting them rest, should i burn one now or continue to let them sleep?

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» »

» » These are conceived by God and rolled by angels.


» Well put Prez. And to think I waffled on and all I needed to say is the

» above. ;-)

all that means is that he copied it from someone else without permission. tho on these smokes, he and i are in agreement.

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  • 8 months later...

The mailman stopped by with a cab of SLR DC -06 today. I actually spent an hour sitting on the porch waiting for him in the hope that this package would arrive...and it DID!!!

Lovely looking cigars, lighter wrappers than my other cab, but the smell, the smell...

Thanks Czar for a perfect Easter egg!

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» Anybody ever test these side by side with the SLR Churchills?

» Of course that would be a lot of smoking to do both of them).

After smoking an '02 SLR Lonsdale, I posted a similar question on another board. I was curious about a three-way comparison of the Lonsdale, the Churchill and the DC.

It would be great to see comments here.

In that other discussion the Lonsdale was described as being the "mildest of the three,"

The Churchill is said to "develop cocoa and coffee overtones"

While the Double Corona "is even more amazing,"

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