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Found the link here from, saw some familar names and thought the site had a lot to offer.

I'm from San Diego and am an Engineer for a defense contractor. I've spent a majority of my time on message boards at sports forums like the former Jim Rome's, and The One Board. I usually hang mostly in the NFL forums. I'm a Charger fan who likes to run a little smack. Of course as a Charger fan there usually is little smack to run.

I enjoy a good cigar, a good brew, Amber Lager, ESB, IPA, a good Bourbon, Scotch, and a good Cabernet Sauvignon. I'm a big Padron fan and their K series is one of my staples, as a matter of fact some of you may know me as Joe Padron. My favorite habanos are Partagas, Trinidad & Cohiba, but like steak & lobster, those marcas aren't the only ones on the menu.

Anyway I’m glad to be here and look forward to participating in this forum.

Thanks for having me.

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