F1-11 Touch Down

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Guest boss hogg

That is a bad-ass, very loud plane (like the F-4). I can't recall when the US Air Force got rid of theirs- maybe after '91 Gulf War?

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in the old days, when returning home from training, they'd use the beach at fraser island as a guide and often come along it real low which would scare the absolute crap out of the guys fishing on the beach because there would be no warning, then boom!!

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  • 2 years later...

One of our ageing fleet of F111's had a copy book "crash" landing at Amberly Airbase near Brisbane this afternoon. Apparently one of the wheels fell off and hit a car (as they do) so they flew around for a few hours to prepare the ground emergency crews and ditch fuel before landing without wheels!!


The pilot had only just transferred to the F111 squadron and did a pretty good job of belly landing on the under carriage, they have a cable and hook setup which they caught with ease and apparently snapped with ease as the planes hook caught the ground secured cable. (similar to landing on aircraft carriers), but it all ended well.

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