H. Upmann Monarch (ECA SEP01)

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I didn’t intend to some a cigar this evening, but after suffering through a rough day at work and dealing with two different sets of incompetent car mechanics, I had had enough. I needed to be transported to a tropical island and figured a nice Habano would be my ticket out. A late afternoon thunderstorm cooled things down sufficiently, so that after dinner I mixed up a large Margarita and lounged out on the deck listening to some Jazz with my Lab by my side. I fell back on my comfort cigar line, the Upmann, and decided that it was time to revisit the Monarch. I almost went for the No. 2, but figured the Churchill would offer me the longest smoke.

The wrapper on the Monarch was a light caramel brown with a slight sheen. The cigar was practically luminescent in the pre-dusk light! Construction was excellent, slightly firm with some small veins and a definite box press. The aroma at the foot was pungent with light barnyard and leather aromas. Prelight draw with a guillotine cut was medium and produced a rich dried fig (maybe raisin) flavor with slight hints of chocolate.

The initial lighting produced a sweet woodiness, with light pepper, dry cocoa, and a slight saltiness. At 1” in, the smoke become creamy with sweet wood tones, a round fruitiness, and finish of white pepper and leather. The burn was very even, with a dark yellow-grey ash that was serrated, but not tightly so. The wrapper became noticeably darker about an inch from the burn edge.

The second stage initially produced a rich earthiness with light coffee, a noticeable tang, and clean tobacco flavor. Eventually, light cedar, chewy leather and toasted tobacco came through and predominated until the end. While I found the first two-thirds of the cigar to be more complex and flavorful, the last stage still produced a clean, rich and straightforward smoke with leather and toasted tobacco notes.

My smoke lasted 1:20 with ¾” remaining, and was cool throughout. I highly recommend this cigar, and it certainly wafted away my stress. I anticipate that the Monarch will only get better with age, perhaps more noticeably in the final stage?

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