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Smoked this while watching the State of O decider. Got a batch of individual sticks from Rob , some about 4 years ago a and some more about 18 months ago, from his bargain bin so can’t give you an age but assume 2-6 years. Had one nearly 12 moths ago and while I found it pleasant, I was a bit underwhelmed. This one was a whole new ball game. What a terrific smoke. Rob later told me that the Cig Afic mag had gone 94 with one. Would have been in disbelief last week but I had mine at 93 and think I was a bit harsh. I think someone raised these on the forum a while ago and I was dismissive. Apologies. If you have not tried these, get hold of them. I would assume mine considerably more mature than the one for the mag so looks as though they could be good across a range of ages. This size always makes me assume big and bold (it is that simple thought that Tampa referred to elsewhere in the thread on ‘thin not in’) but on the contrary, this was mild and subtle. It exhibited an exemplary burn and construction. To go through nine inches and not a waiver or a hiccup is a true feat and major kudos to the roller. Burn was slow but not excruitiatingly so (had one of Hamlet’s salomones recently and took me well over three hours - it was perhaps the tightest cigar I have seen. Loved the flavours but hard work. The rest in storage and I think they’ll be something special in time). As for the flavours, a mix of roast meats, milk chocolate, toffee and creamy touches at various stages. Loved it. 93, and I berate myself for lack of generosity.

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I have 6 left from a 2001 box. You really need to be in the mood, and have the time for the "gentle giant"

Flavorful it is, but I never foung it for changeing flavor through the whole thing. Very consitant and seems to mellow towards the end.

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