back in town from fireworks shows

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had a great four day weekend of fireworks shows.

did two shows on the east coast of florida. one in space coast stadium and one for the city of fort pierce.

both shows went great. we had a nephew shot his first shows with us. then after the shows we celabreted with some h. upmanns corona majors. found that they go well with black powder. just make sure you wash hands after handling the black powder before lighting up. lol

hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

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The fireworks that you set me up with for the 4th of July were fantastic! Kodiakbr (Bobby) and family and friends went out to the Causeway toward Annamarie Island around dusk, set things up and when it got good and dark, Bobby and I had a great time playing "Pyro"! We had folks from all over the Causeway looking at what we were going to fire off next.

This was of course after a nice BBQ at Bobby place where we enjoyed multitudes of cigars before and after dinner. I enjoyed a 2002 SCDH El Moro, a 2004 Partagás Short, and a 2002 Bolivar Corona Gigantes. All were simply delicious!

Thanks again my friend!!!!

BTW, Bobby asked me to tell you that he wants to make next year even better, we'll talk about it the next time we get together.

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Sounds likes a blast! (I crack myself up :-D )

I had a fireworks show on our home acreage property for my 35th birthday. We mailordered the fireworks from a factory in China and as dusk fell my two brothers and brother inlaw proceeded to prepare.

Unfortunately, the party began at lunch time and by 6pm we were well passed our best. We donned all the safety gear (sunglasses) and sat the 70 person crowd on the hill overlooking the front yard cricket pitch.

We jammed the rockets into the cricket pitch ready for takeoff and set the ones we had no idea what they did aside (everything was in Chinese). That is when the fun began.

Upon my brother lighting the first rocket....once the fuse was tilted over, took off and hit one of my sheep on the boundary fence who while unhurt...was unamused. The second rocket went off like a charm. The third tilted and seemed to chase my Brother in law around the field. I hadn't realised thet my other brother at this time had lit one of the discarded "Roman Candles". Not knowing what to do with it he lifted it above his head when it started cascading fireworks. Looking like the Statue of Liberty with sunglasses the now well liquored friends on the hill were in hysterics of laughter.

My wife came down and put an abrupt end to the show.

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you might have mrs prez. hire us for your next birthday.

we can come down and shoot a great show for ya.

and i can give you advice on witch cigars go best with your black powder.

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