El Rey del Mundo Lunch Club (UAS MAR 06)

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This is a small (4.5” x 40) light caramel brown cigar with a wrapper that is somewhat rumpled in appearance and sporting a few small veins. I used a notch cut that produced a medium draw, and this draw remained consistent throughout my smoke.

Smoke volume for this size cigar was more than adequate, and the ash produced was firm, light grey and serrated. In fact, the initial ash was about an inch and a half, a testament to the overall good construction of this cigar. The burn was even throughout and, at times, the leading edge of the burn exuded resin that turned the wrapper noticeably darker.

The initial lighting produced a smooth, sweet, slightly creamy smoke with honey and light cinnamon tones. A light toasted nuttiness began to underlie the round sweetness of the initial flavor profile about an inch into the smoke. As the smoke progressed, the flavor and mouth feel became richer and woodier with light cocoa and hints of wet leather. I believe this richness is still seeking to define itself, as the cigar is still young. There were also occasional hints of what I call a nasal-clearing aspect to this smoke where the aromas lodge themselves in the upper reaches of the nose and are rediscovered with each breath of air.

I found the ERDM Lunch Club to be a pleasant, slightly mouth-watering smoke that left a clean, sweet after-taste. What it lacks in strength I think it makes up for with a subtle progression of flavors and hints of more to come with more aging. I intend to review the Lunch Club within a year.

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Bloody nice review .:ok:

The Lunch club is one of our most popular in-store (walk in and buy ) petite corona's. The on-line community has to date not cottoned-on to this little cigar. It can be inconsistent but a great box is a cracker.

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Thanks for the review, Stever. I have sampled a few of these "lunchbox" vitolas, but was never much impressed. There's still one left, nestled in a drawer of Party Shorts from 2004. Maybe I'll fish it out and see if age has done it any favors.

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