Hola del Cuba !

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Well, not being a newbie but not quite an alcoholic (yet), just keeping all you fine folk up to date with recent developments. Having just moved from Tanzania, I am now managing Cuba's nickel mines from here in Moa on the eastern end of the island.

I will attempt to share some interesting facts & stories (& of course photos) of living in Cuba - something not many people get to experience - & believe me, it is tough.

Cheers & beers to all (& a sherry to Rob & Lisa),


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Guest cohiba

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Photos are always an eye opener !!!


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Get your A$$ moving a post some pic's for us in the US.

Some pic's of the island girl's please .:-D

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Marty is one of the good guys :ok: We had a great time togeter in February at the Habanos Festival.

If there is anything you need from this end Marty...just drop me a line.

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hi marty

good choice. thought you might. look forward to catching up next festival or therabouts.

had a couple of lunches with some of your former and subsequent teammates and also mortal (read southern) enemies recently and what they had to say, almost to a man, about the new coach cannot be put in writing, at least not here.

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