Diplomaticos #4 Box Code:Unknown

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OK, this is my first review of a cigar. I may have read way too far into this cigar, but so be it. I learned alot from doing this. So here we go.

Cigar: Diplomaticos #4

Size: 42x5 1/8

Shape: Semi-box pressed

The Beginnings.

The first quarter of this cigar tasted of almonds, cream and a hint of vanilla. With a short finish, it left a slight sweetness on the tip of my tongue. The draw was perfect, not too loose, not too tight. The ash was white to gray, with waves and little to no flaking.

The Mids.

The cigar still had lingering characteristics of the beginnings and began to mature to a coffee with cinammon. It gained a slight spice that could be tasted only on the roof of my mouth, lips and tongue. The coffee and cinnamon tastes were very brief. The cigar began having a slight leathery taste.

The Ends.:-(

This cigar ended with a spice that consumed my mouth and tongue. The leather taste subsided and the cigar became woody and earthy all the way to the nub. I would classify this cigar as medium bodied with a consistant burn from start to finish.

This was the first Diplomaticos I have smoked. I enjoyed it very much. It was very complex. Thanks to the fellow FOH Member that gifted me this cigar. He knows who he is. ;-) TD

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