Trinidad Robusto Extra

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Name: Trinidad Robusto Extra

Length: 6"

Ring: 50

Box Code: Unknown (recent release)

(My first written review, so bear with me)

Setting the stage...

I picked up a couple singles of this impressive cigar several weeks ago, and last weekend I was presented with an unusual opportunity to enjoy one. We had another couple over for a relaxing evening, capped off by catching up on a couple of new episodes of the Sopranos I had saved on DVR. To my surprise, my wife agreed to let us smoke a cigar in the house. ("Just one, and don't ever ask again" I believe were the exact words. ;-) ) The chance to enjoy a cigar, while relaxing in my favorite chair with a cocktail, made choosing the perfect cigar a difficult proposition. Upon spying the impressive length and girth of my choosen vitola, the look of suffering on my wife's face confirmed I had made the proper decision.

Tasting notes...

This well constructed cigar, with its pigtail cap and minimal veining, just felt "right" in the hand. The easy pre-ignition draw belied the densely packed feel of this stout cigar. A gentle toasting of the foot released a very pleasant smell of leather and coffee, and the first draw created a giant plume of perfect white smoke. Overall impressions were of earth and a leathery caramel flavor, with just enough spice to tickle the nose. The flavors remained consistant throughout the 90 minute smoke, the amount of spice waxing and waning as I worked my way towards the long finish.


There is definately a box of these in my future.

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I have two in my humidor that I haven't smoked yet because I was afraid they weren't ready. Surprisingly the Fundadores I have from 05 are smoking excellent so it should come as no surprise that the other vitolas are doing the same. Perhaps I will light one up this weekend as I brew a double IPA.

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