Cigar Purchasing advice needed! Varadero April 24


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Morning (or evening) all

I'm travelling to the Blau Varadero for 10 days in April 14th.

Outside of all the standard do's and don'ts, I was looking for some advice when it comes to the purchase of cigars, and know this will be the best place to ask. So I've got a few questions and will order them clearly, to try and make any of your helpful responses a little easier.

1. Price list - Is the price list from the Jan 22 thread still up to date? I figured it wouldn't be, but can't find a price list anywhere on the internet, if there is a new list, does any one have access to it or a link?

2. Where to buy / detour to - I will probably go to Havana at some point, but would checking the LCDH's out around Varadero be worth it or are they more expensive? If there is limited selection currently, is it a case of look everywhere you can, or are there certain stores in either Havana / Varadero any hotels to buy? Also does the Blau Varadero have an in-house humidor, or any of the other hotels? Will the cigars be authentic if there is?

3. Custom rolls - I would love to get some farm rolls, but don't have any contacts, is there anyway to pick some up off a respected roller, or any house rollers at any particular LCDH's that are worth the detour?

4. Storing cigars - How do you store you cigars once you are there? Should I risk missing stock and wait until the last few days of the holiday, or should I take a tupperwear and boveda with me; would that suffice? I'm assuming the temperature shouldn't be a problem for beetles etc?


Thank you all in advance guys, I will be checking this thread regularly, I've never been to Cuba before and understand it can be quite the undertaking. Any advice is much appreciated.


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Following up now that I have returned from my trip. I ended up picking up 30 Siglo VI-sized puros (6"x52) in Havana and 10 robusto-sized farm rolls in Vinales. I didn't end up going to any of the national hotels but didn't need to. Flew back home through Houston and didn't have any issues.

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