the glorious 'whatever they are called this week' and a great first round of NFL.

Ken Gargett

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yes, i know one game to go but a cracking opening weekend. 

while i truly hate seeing the cowgirls have such a big win, the silver lining is that NY copped a massive thrashing. who would have thought that Detroit would get up, or that the bengals would fold like the proverbial cheap suit? on the other hand, who was surprised that cousins was not able to lead a fourth quarter comeback against the bucs (or anybody). money well spent, Vikings!! 

a great shame that the pats could not knock off the iggles but the highlight, for any sports fan, must have been the scenes at Washington v Arizona (and nice new identity, Cards, if you can't score TDs, just play dirty). instead of the usual 80% away crowd at the stadium, 99% Washington fans - screaming and dancing and cheering. like the old days. ding dong, the witch is dead. possibly the most unloved man in DC, and that is saying something. the end of synder. you will not be missed. 

the defence, for both sides, fabulous. payne, you deserved all the money you got. Montez sweat next. 

and finally, although granted some kinks to be worked out, we might even have a QB. some wonky throws but the guy has no fear and is as tough as rocks. 

bring on the broncos. 

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I was complaining during the game both about the poor offensive line play and Howell holding the ball too long.  But the tv coverage did not show (and the announcers were horrible) that the Cards were dropping into seven back coverage many times and I guess our receivers just could not get open.  This does not bode well for the next game against Denver.  Or anyone for that matter.  The deficiencies of the offensive line are stark and I have no idea how they are going to fix it.  Of course, the defense on the other hand is solid.  With only a couple of exceptions they played really well.  Looking forward to seeing how this all works out over the season.  New owners are awesome.  

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