Very Faint Box Code

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Hey all, 

I was recently sent this photo by a vendor. Everything else about the box looks good, but I’ve never seen a code that looks like this.

Anyone ever see super faint codes like this? 


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I can give you the following. Which is all I was given by the vendor. 
While this isn’t the same questionable LCDH as we’ve talked about earlier in this forum, it is a Habanos Specialist in the same country. 
I also included the photo of the box on the shelf, which gives a side view. 





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The code is look like EPO - Jose Marti, Havana (H.Upmann Flagship Factory)
The warranty seal number seems to correspond to 2022
Habanos Authenticity Check doesn't work for me, but this box look like legit

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7 hours ago, ha_banos said:

Is that where they stamp the factory date code now on boxes with two manufacturer stamps? To the right? I've never seen that. Usually underneath.

Yeah I’m unaware of the location. Typically I’ve seen it underneath, but then again I’ve seen stranger things out of Cuba. 

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