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Greetings & Solicitations (IFKYK),

My name is Nick and I'm from the great state of Indiana. A born hoosier, I've also lived on the East Coast (NJ & NY) and have traveled to 49 of the 50 US states...why is Johnny Cash singing in my head right now??...mostly for work, but some pleasure, purposes. As you can probably tell, I enjoy traveling and have been outside of the US a number of times. I really enjoy travel to Europe, South America, and especially the Caribbean which is probably my favorite region on Earth.

I started smoking cigars occasionally, special occasions and such, around the time I was 18. About 10 years ago now, my wife bought me one of those personalized glass top humidors (now sitting as a display piece with empty 3er & 5er boxes inside) and I filled it with a few New World cigars and enjoyed them over time. At one point, I got into a certain cigar bidding website and was able to get some new world cigars for fairly cheap, but only rarely did I truly find a new world that I really enjoyed. To this day, I only have a select few I keep in my main humidor because they just don't give me the enjoyment that a fine well rolled cuban gives.

From the point I got my first real humidor I started occasionally buying CC's whenever we would travel outside the US. Even from the start I noticed that I enjoyed the cigars more. I've really only encountered a few exceptions to that rule, one I'll list below in my favorite cigars.

To fund my purchases of CC's I am a Reliability & Asset Management Consultant specializing in IBM Maximo/Tivoli/Watson software/services and I run my own consulting company which naturally causes me to need a relaxation hobby and smoking cigars is just the ticket. I've got a beautiful wife, whom i adore, and 2 boys that are now both driving age and will soon leave my wife and I as empty nesters. We do have 3 other 'kids', in the form of a Mini GoldenDoodle, a 'Porkie', and our little girl who's a 3 lb full Yorkie (They really should call these dogs, 3 lbs of full terror, lol)

Other hobbies? Well I do like to play Clark Griswald and put thousands of lights on the house for Christmas every year, and yeah I make them dance to music (check out our videos (shameless plug youtube.com/lightsforriley)), but I am also a Planes, Trains, & Automobiles fanatic. I love to drive and am very much into Aviation. I actually plan to retire from consulting within the next 12 years and move onto flying small planes around commercially until I can't pass a medical anymore.

Current GoTo Smokes: Hoyo Petit Robustos, RG Perlas, SC El Principe

All-Time Personal Top 5
5 - Davidoff Signature #2

4 - Cohiba Prima

3 - Hoyo Petit Robusto

2 - Monte #2

1 - Cohiba Corona Esp.

I currently have 3 Humidors in operation. A desktop 'dry-box', a all-in-one unit, and a tupperdore (which is actually a airtight pet food container that works amazingly well and was like $20 US). My current stock right now is around 500 cigars with >80% of those being CCs. Always up for a trade for some of my favorites and always looking for a good deal :)

Anyway enough about me, that's who I be and I look forward to hanging out with all of you here and maybe getting in on a Zoom session soon!







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