Vegueros Tapados, My new favourite cheapie

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3 minutes ago, 99call said:

I thought exactly the same thing,  then post trying it, I was basically an addict

Maccha for sweets e.g. with milk was also thought ridiculous, but they're now quite popular . So maybe you're right. 

As to Vegerous, I've been interested in the ones.  I had smoked several before rebranding, but never do the new ones. Thanks for letting me know your impression. I'll probably try once the price gets cheaper.

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I bought a can of each Tapados (ARS ABR 18) and Mananitas (MTS JAN 20) a while back. I agree the construction was not bad at all, pretty good actually. But the flavors were just not in my wheel house. Just woody and grassy with very little else, maybe my palate isn't fine tuned enough to pick up the subtle flavors. Did not seem to be the type of smoke that would improve with age so I burned through them. My cigar buddies that like to bum CC's liked them well enough so that's where a fair portion went. I bought them both around August of 2020 and I recall the Mananitas being a little better than the Tapados even though (or maybe beause) they were really young. They're still available and relatively affordable. I may take another run at them. Worst case I'll give them to my cigar buddies and preserve the habanos I'd rather smoke. 

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7 hours ago, TobaccoRoad said:

Did not seem to be the type of smoke that would improve with age so I burned through them

Mine were March 22, and my gut call would be the same to some degree.      I think this blend is the kind of cigar that may shine as a freshie, or with 10 years down, but the intervening time might might not be the best.   Cigars like Des Dieux, Coloniales are similarly like this,  you get a brief window into what they've got/potential, then they close up, only to blossom a decade down the line

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46 minutes ago, El Presidente said:

From this time are officially doing all of my 2424 tasting notes for Vegueros  :D

It does always make me laugh when (as a customer) you are full of panic trying to navigate the 2424 like a black run slalom course, aware the finger ninjas are about to pounce, then when I saw what you wrote,  I just thought 'Yes!....touché!' that gets my money.   

I'm enjoying your write up's on Cuaba Traditionales too,  Saying it like it is


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