MoeFOH's Movie of the Week... Week #7

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I absolutely love this movie - fave sceen has to be the adrenaline shot. 

This movie gave the industry an adrenaline shot of its own and changed things forever.  Even the soundtrack is awesome. 

Now consider that this movie actually made Vinnie Barbarino look good...

Perfect 10


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8 hours ago, Cigar Surgeon said:

It's the same ballpark.

It ain’t even the same effing sport

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One of the greatest movies ever made but I rewatched about one-two years ago and it actually felt like watching a remake of the original movie, like someone else mentioned before, it didn't age well.

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The reinvention of Travolta was amazing, from disco heartthrob to heroin hitman. Willis to a lesser degree but still a surprise.
All time favourite with so many quotable lines, knowing looks, loucheness and casual swearing. Who doesn't want a Bad MoFo wallet?

Sent by spooky action at a distance

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