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  1. Good for a late week laugh, as well! Or anytime for that matter..."the nerve to be surprised" BB is the best
  2. Subject line took me to a dark place....happy to see we're talking about resting terms. Good read!
  3. I logged in early, expecting an update, and downloaded it. After it reopened, the home game was nowhere to be found...oh well. @yossie is bluffing 98.7% of the time, according to Statcast
  4. So of course, it's the first time I try to play in a while and when I open Pokerstars, the "Home Games" button on the side is no where to be found. I shut it down and reopened multiple times, and nada. Anyone else experience this? Good luck tonight, y'all!
  5. Enough of this Avs talk….let’s get back on topic… What Cohiba was he smoking at the parade today? Looks like a D-label something? A pre-‘14 VI or Robusto? Have at it… @MoeFOH can we get a thumbs down option or similar on the reactions???
  6. With all the effort clearly put into the Taino head, I’m incredibly disappointed they didn’t bother lining up the squares on the label. What the hell happened to good old QA/QC?
  7. Beat me to it, and I’ll add - forgive me for being cynical - if you have to ask, you’re already leaning toward the wrong thing and looking for, hoping, someone will back you up. Why were you so excited about receiving the collection? To have an incredible connection to your grandfather for years to come, or for the opportunity to make a buck? If you don’t see yourself smoking the collection because it’s not your thing, take pride in the fact that you honored your grandfather in restoring the collection and wish to impart what that may be onto someone who might appreciate the history. Tell the full story and see where it goes…
  8. Sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing half the story…pics would make it complete!
  9. I was waiting for the donkey dick comment! @LordAnubis sweet Jesus, brother
  10. Χρόνια πολλά, @JohnS!!! Hope you are having a great day and here’s to a wonderful year ahead! Go Dodgers!
  11. Reading that bums me out. Comment based on prediction due to pricing/commentary here and elsewhere from the market, or are you seeing/hearing something behind the scenes?
  12. I really really hope this was truly an accident. Looks like one hell of a gas leak. So tragic on many levels. Prayers for everyone involved.
  13. Schedule has kept me away for the better part of ‘22. Going to make a better effort to make it, as I enjoy breaking away and chumming it up with you all. Thanks for keeping it going, Steve!

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