Updated Cuban peso exchange rates


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There is a Cuban-interest media/news organisation called Etoque. Not easy to find on Google.

They update the current unofficial value of the Cuban peso vs USD, EUR and MLC (Moneda Libremente Convertible, freely convertible currency, the balance of a freely convertible currency debit card used in Cuban government stores).


Interestingly, the Cuban peso (cup) has devalued nearly 30% against the USD in the last three weeks, since the start of 2022. 

The cup has fallen 10% against the euro in the same time, eliminating, currently, the advantage that the euro had over the USD late last year. Of course that may change again. This doesn't affect the use of US-issued credit cards.

I had been hearing that Cuban state workers were getting a 20% raise at the start of 2022 which may have caused some of this. I have not had word yet confirming that increase. 

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It's a messed up state of affairs.

Cubans can't buy eggs or afford a pizza out, even once a month, but with a 40% drop in the peso in 25 days, the large Hotel Nacional ashtrays are now $12 USD. 

Good thing they're building more hotels, they can sell more ashtrays. 

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When there, dont forget to as restaurants if they take USD. Many of them will calculate USD, share their exchange rate with you and take USD direct. Was weird eating at Marea and Amigos Del Mar for what felt like half price versus pre covid. 

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