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I am certainly not advertising for this, and I hope I am not breaking some forum rules.  If I am please take the post down and cane me.

I hit a wrong link today and came about this club which was started by Kyle Gellis from Warped.  It is an interesting concept too me, but many things sound great in story only to manifest into sub standard experiences.  The idea of test blending cigars, regardless of the amount of tobacco available, and then selling what comes out as "good" in whatever supply is generated, seems to be a pretty novel idea in the NC world.

Has anybody had the chance to try any of these creations?  I find the concept interesting and was curious if anyone had any feedback.

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I picked up a few Kings Stride and Bits of Havana when they dropped there. I liked both a lot. The Kings Stride was a 42rg x 7in that was a mild-to-medium and had a lot of nuanced flavors and the last third had a lot of blueberry notes.

The Bits of Havana was a 42x 4 1/2in that was medium in body and had some sweet notes, baking spices, and ginger.

Both cigars I thought were great first cigars as they had a lot of subtle notes and went great with coffee and tea.

I haven’t gone for any of the other releases although I know others that have and the reviews are typically more hit than miss.

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5 hours ago, LordAnubis said:

Thats one thing i find NC industry does really well.. selling "seconds".

I totally understand what you are saying.

This concept appears to be different than the old, "found a bunch of super premiums rolled on the floor of a factory that just never made it to market for (enter the sales excuse here)".  This seems like a more purposeful or intentional type of situation, they have good tobacco, not a lot of it, but want to roll some special smokes and put some thought into them and sell them.  It seems like a painstaking way to sell a bunch of seconds, but what the hell do I know.  All I know is I would gladly volunteer for the roll of evil genius who gets the opportunity to do the blending of these small samples ;)


At the very least it is marketing genius :)

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I was a member when the club first started. It turned me off to Warped and Kyle Gellis for good. I think I bought the first 4-5 offerings, sometimes in multiple sizes. The only one worth a damn was one of the sizes of the Kings Stride. The rest were average to terrible. He's paying no marketing or middle men, and clearly is only paying for the JV rolling squad. All while charging premium prices. It's a money grab, plain and simple. 

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