Puro Desnudo Launch Interview with Hamlet Paredes


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@El Presidente.  Rob couldn't help but think how interesting it would be to see if you could get Hamlet to have a zoom discussion with you marca by marca and to discuss and expound on 'Galera' terms for profiling blends and referencing etc. 

I'm sure I can't be the only FOH member who finds it almost impossible to fathom how a blend could be communicated/designed in a few simple generic words i.e. rich, smooth, light etc etc. For example someone might argue the Monte 2 and the Robaina Unicos would occupy the same territory if limited to these terms alone.  It's only (to my mind/understanding) when you move into what might be considered to be flowery, pompous 1st world terminology, do you really boil down the differences between these two cigars i.e, 'lushness' 'prune-notes' etc etc

Do you think this would be possible? i.e. to work out how such complex differences are referenced with such basic terms.  I really enjoy watching highly respected/knowlegable rollers/blenders like Hamlet, but I've notices I often feel a bit frustrated when finishing hearing what they have to say,  like there are some things that just can't be communicated, or that they get lost in translation.

Be interested to hear what you think?

Best, Stefan

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On 1/17/2022 at 1:30 AM, El Presidente said:

What I will try to do is document (through video) the next cigar we build from the ground up. There are a couple we are blending up currently: Dalia, Petit 109, flying Pig, Laguito Especial.  I suspect that process will assist. 

Cheers Rob this sounds great,   

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