An Updated Guide to 24:24 for Newcomers

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An Updated Guide to 24:24 for Newcomers

The Who, What, Why, and Where of 24:24

The who and what are pretty simple. 24:24 is Rob Ayala’s (@El Presidente) daily sale of select stock. 

The why and where are a little more involved. But here goes...

Cuban cigars vary in quality. It’s a fact of life you’ll quickly get used to. At FOH, we vet all stock received to ensure it meets at least our minimum standard for good saleable quality. More can be learned about the specific quality categories, PSP, HQ, and PE, and about what Rob looked like as a young man, by visiting this forum post. Bear in mind that this is an old post, and that things may have changed very slightly (re the process, and very significantly when it comes to Rob), so be sure to read on...

24:24 is a name that’s stuck from its initial format (24 boxes, 24-hour sale). These days, the 24-hour part is still valid, but the number of listings is variable. Also, there are now two distinct versions of the sale:

(All times are local time in Brisbane, Australia.) 

*** Changes to below - while the Shopping Carts are temporarily suspended, 24:24 is not available on Mondays and is held in the Waterhole Forum on Fridays. Times remain the same. ***

  1. Monday and Friday, 24:24 is held in the Shopping Carts. You’ll require separate log-in credentials from the forum, so you need to create an account on your first visit to the Shopping Carts. 

24:24 is available at approximately 8:30am Brisbane time on these days. Monday’s sale runs for 24 hours or till the allocation is exhausted, whichever comes first. The Friday sale runs throughout the weekend or till allocation is exhausted, whichever comes first. 

  1. Tuesday through Thursday, 24:24 is held in the Waterhole Forum. As such, this version of the sale is conducted by email. 

24:24 is available at approximately 10:30am Brisbane time on these days. Same as Monday’s sales, these run for 24 hours or till the allocation is exhausted, whichever comes first.

When the 24:24 listings go up for the day, you will see a brief preamble from Rob regarding what’s on offer, followed by the detailed listings. The listing format is as follows: 

Cohiba Medio Siglo (25) - (Marca, Name, and Quantity of cigars per box, cabinet, etc)

Petit Robusto - (Vitola)

UTL MAY 20 - (Box Code - where the first three letters denote the factory code, followed by month & year of production)

PSP - (Quality Designation)

“Rich. Fuller than a Cohiba Robusto but the DNA resemblance is unmistakable.

Buttery. Honeycomb, biscuit and coffee in a medium full body.  Starts medium full,….lilts in the mid third, and then back with a punch.

They are everything good about Cohiba flavour... just on steroids.” - (Rob’s tasting notes)

Box                     $397 USD   $1,295 AUD - (USD & AUD prices for full boxes)

Quarter Box (6)  $105 USD   $320  AUD - (if available, USD & AUD prices for part boxes)


(Listing image) 

An explanation on the type of boxes being offered

This is often an area of confusion for newer members, so here is an explanation of the different categories and what they mean. 

The main types of quality on offer are PSP, HQ and PE. To understand these grades go back to this thread!

When you see PSP/HQ (mix), this means that there is a mixture of PSP and HQ boxes being offered. The price you are paying is for one box chosen at random out of those that have been put aside, and Rob will never select a specific type of box for you from a 24:24 listing - so don't bother asking!

Another common type of category is Hand Picked. This means that Rob has inspected every single box, and that there is usually a mixture of all grades. Read the description closely on these as Rob will provide information about the boxes, and sometimes an indication as to which grade is more prevalent.

Hand Picked Clearance. As above, but these boxes are being sold at a reduced price in order to clear space for new stock. Bargain time!!

Clearance. These will be boxes from master cases that Rob has approved. The reason these are not listed as 'Hand Picked' is that sometimes Rob may not have inspected every single box individually. If this is the case, someone else in the FOH team will always carry out a quality check before any boxes are shipped - so you're never going to receive anything lower than PE.

Seconds. These are most often PSP/HQ/PE cigars that have very minor cosmetic flaws, such as cracked feet - and even then, no more than two damaged cigars per box of 25. On rare occasions, boxes may be deemed to be seconds because they are below PE grade. Rob will always explain exactly why he has listed the boxes as seconds, so just take a look at the description. You are never going to receive anything unsmokable from a 24:24 sale.

Ok, So how do I make a purchase?

The Shopping Cart process is pretty much like any online shop--follow the bouncing ball. 

The forum method is as follows: to place an order, you need to send an email to Diana ([email protected]), who handles all 24:24 purchase requests. Required information:

  • You must include your full name in the email.
  • You must include your forum handle in the email.
  • You must state clearly, which box or boxes you would like to buy, and how many of each - be mindful that some listing may have a limit per customer. 
  • Be respectful! Just because you are trying to beat the stampede, it is not acceptable to send off an email that just states 'One box of BRC'.
  • If this is the first time you are ordering, Diana will guide you through the payment process and request your details.
  • When confirmed, settle up. Don't leave it until tomorrow. Please do not email if you cannot commit to the order 

All purchase requests are dealt with on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Diana will get back to you by email to let you know if your order has been fulfilled, or if the boxes you have requested have already been sold. Bear in mind that some boxes sell out very quickly indeed – so, just before you send your email, refresh the 24:24 thread to make sure the boxes are not all sold. This is not a guarantee that the boxes are still available, but it will save you placing an order if the boxes have already gone. More importantly, it will save Diana receiving a request for something that was already marked as sold out 10 minutes ago!


Cohiba Secretos (25) ALL SOLD

If you see this when you look at a listing, it is already too late, so don't bother sending an email!

For the 10:30am listings, Diana will usually get back to you within an hour, and often much sooner.


How much does shipping cost?

The price that is quoted on each listing includes shipping costs. An order under $100USD will incur a $25USD shipping fee. There also may be other exceptions to this, for example if you live on top of Mount Everest, or need your cigars shipped to an oil rig in the North Sea. Therefore, Rob reserves the right to advise you of an additional shipping charge if necessary. Of course, you will be told about this before you are charged, and you will have the opportunity to cancel the order if you prefer.

When will my cigars arrive?

As we all know, since Covid, there is no normal in the world anymore. And especially so when it comes to shipping. That said, every effort is made to ensure orders are processed and organised with our couriers as quickly as possible. The weekly cycle runs from Saturday to Friday, and orders are brought up from the warehouse on the Monday following this cycle. Your order will then be shipped in that week.

Example 1: Order placed on Wednesday - your order will be brought up 5 days later on the Monday, and shipped during that week.

Example 2: Order placed on Sunday - your order will be brought up 8 days later on the Monday, and shipped during that week.

You will receive a shipping notification and tracking number, and you should wait 30 working days from the date of posting before assuming there is an issue with the package. There is no point getting in touch before this time as Diana will not be able to assist you. 

How will my cigars be packaged? 

Your cigars will always come in their original manufacturer’s box/cab, with no packaging removed. Of course, the seal will be broken because it means the box has already been inspected by FOH. Bubble-wrap is sometimes used inside the boxes, where deemed necessary for safe transit. The box, or boxes, will then be wrapped in paper and more bubble-wrap, and placed into a shipping box with padding. Cigars are not shipped with any Bovedas, but it is quite safe for the cigars to be out of the humidor for the journey they will make to you. Because you are receiving full boxes that have been kept at optimal storage conditions, there will be enough moisture in the cigars and packaging to keep them healthy. However, if you are concerned about this, you may request, via Diana, that a Boveda be included in your package, this will incur a small surcharge. In any case, it is recommended, by FOH, that you allow your cigars to rest in your humidor for up to 30 days from arrival, in order for them to reacclimatise after having been subjected to variations in temperature and humidity. Depending on how many boxes you order, you may receive more than one package.

Can I pay extra for faster shipping? 

This may be possible depending on where the cigars are being shipped to. Diana already uses the shipping option that she feels is best for the cigars, the destination, and the customer. This might not necessarily be the quickest, and neither will it be the cheapest. If you want to enquire about faster options, you should liaise directly with Diana.

Is there any min/max order requirement? The minimum order is one box, unless otherwise stated. Sometimes a listing will come up where the only price quoted is for two or more boxes. For a listing like this, you will not be able to purchase a single box. The maximum number of boxes you can order is limited only by how many boxes are available for sale.

The box I want is listed as PSP/HQ mix, how can I make sure I get PSP?

By waiting for boxes that are listed as PSP (all boxes). Rob and Diana will not set aside PSP just for you out of a PSP/HQ mix. We've already covered this!

But I don't like waiting!

You may contact Rob and ask him to find a specific box, or boxes that you want. This does not mean you will pay the same price that you saw on a 24:24 sale.

I bought a box that was listed as PSP/HQ, now that it has arrived, how do I know whether it's PSP or HQ?

Rob no longer signs boxes that are PSP (as shown in the video). So, the fact that your box has not been signed doesn’t mean it’s not PSP. The vast majority of people would not be able to tell the difference between the boxes that Rob grades as PSP or as HQ - even side by side. The difference between these grades is very slight, and whichever type of box you have received, you can be assured that they are at the top end of what is available. The minimum grade you will receive will never be below the grades shown in a specific listing.

Why doesn’t the cigar I want ever come up on 24:24? 

This is down to one of two reasons. Either there is no stock of this cigar being supplied to Rob, or the boxes he receives are not of a high enough quality to make it into the 24:24 sales.

Can I split a box with another FOH member? 

Splitting of purchases at the point of ordering is not permitted. To clarify, Diana will only deal with one customer per transaction. Of course, there is nothing to stop you making private arrangements with other members, but the order will only be shipped to the individual who has placed the order.

I missed the 24:24 yesterday. Can I go back and see what was listed? 

A record of all 24:24 & 24:72 threads is kept on file for reference purposes. However, in order to keep the forum tidy, and to avoid confusion (i.e. receiving purchase requests for boxes that are no longer on offer), old sales threads are removed from the public forum.

Can I buy boxes from Rob outside the 24:24 sales? 

Yes. The aforementioned Shopping Carts operate 24/7 as a normal online shop. There are International and Australian versions of the shop. You will be automatically directed to the correct store based on your IP address and its location. 

What should I do if there is a problem with my order?  

You should let Diana know as soon as possible. Di and the team will do everything possible to investigate and resolve any issues. 

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6 hours ago, CAVU Ken said:

Can anyone point me to the actual link or place I can buy the 24:24 cigars ?   I heard the shopping cart is disabled but would like to purchase please 

The 24:24 sales are in the Waterhole forum Tue-Thu 10:30am Brisbane time, and on Friday at 8:30am. The 24:24 post goes up in the Waterhole forum at that time (look for it pinned as the top post, just below the chatbox area). 

Remembering that the above times are the current state of play while the carts are temporarily suspended. 

If you have more queries keep reading in the sub-forum rules or make a post in the waterhole forum with a specific question and members will be only too happy to assist you.

Enjoy the forum! :cigar:

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14 minutes ago, Habanos_Rush said:


the difference in between the USD and AUD pricing is much higher than the prevailing exchange rate..can i ask why is that?


It is because the Australian Federal Government imposes a high rate of duty on tobacco that comes into Australia.

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16 minutes ago, Habanos_Rush said:


the difference in between the USD and AUD pricing is much higher than the prevailing exchange rate..can i ask why is that?



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