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Greetings, long time listener first time caller here. I was feeling a little awkward making 24:24 purchases like a lurker, and I've gotten an immense amount of great information from the group here...

I've been smoking cigars for about 22 years, with a focus on Habanos only a little less than that. I've taken the time to tour the majority of non-Cuban brands from time to time, but always seem to return to my original love. The cigar that first got me back then was the PSD4...I still describe that sense memory to people as "the marriage of a funky tomato plant on a hot summer day, and a rose bush on a cool spring morning". Cubans have definitely gone through some changes, but today I'm solidly a RyJ and Upmann guy, with specific favorites from other brands here and there (I'll buy pretty much any PL within reason). Favorites for heavy rotation in the humidor right now are last year's Upmann #2's, "most prized" are my PL Sobresalientes, and I curse whoever decided it was time to get rid of RA coronas and Boli CG's.

Have a great week!


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